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“Becoming a digital learning experiences company was a strategic move that is clearly obvious in our partnership with Time To Know. We believe this partnership will allow us to lead the digital learning market”


Scott Drossos

Senior Vice President, Digital Partnerships

McGraw-Hill Education

“As digital education becomes more and more popular, we believe that keeping up with educational technology will become a key factor in our continued success. We have no doubt that Time To Know is the right company to partner with in moving towards the era of digital education.”

Photo_Dongyoung Lee

Dong young Lee

Time To Know Business Team

Doosan Dong-A

“The young Vietnamese generation are acutely aware of the importance of English – in education and business. Together with Time To Know we can provide them with the highest standard of English education in a digital format, which suites their needs and lifestyle.”

Mr. Truong Gia Binh1

Mr. Truong Gia Binh


FPT Corporation

“Time To Know Create is the realization of a content editor’s dream – an intuitive authoring tool that allows the user to create highly interactive, engaging, data-driven instruction.”


Lynda Martin

Executive Content Developer

McGraw-Hill Education

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Our Customers


Utilizing Time To Know’s digital suite, T2K EDU helps thousands of students and empowers hundreds of teachers throughout Israel

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The leading Internet service provider in Vietnam, currently focused on expanding their education segment.

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South Korea’s leading textbook publisher and operator of hundreds of learning centers.

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The second largest education content developer in the world.

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Designed With Educational Publishers In Mind

Create is the ultimate educational authoring solution for creating or transforming content into interactive digital programs.

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Make Use Of The Digital Era; Monetize Your Digital Content

Take advantage of new business opportunities. Extend your reach, target new audiences and increase revenues by distributing your digital content further and wider.

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Because Every Student Deserves To Be In A Class Of Their Own

We know that ‘one size fits none’, that’s why we created Teach. The perfect platform for providing a personalized teaching and learning experience.

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Exceptional Content On An Extraordinary Platform

The premium English language learning solution for school-aged students.

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Proven Results

Improved performance, motivation and higher order thinking skills are only some of the advantages of using Time To Know solutions...

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About Us


Time To Know was founded in 2005 with a vision to harness technology to transform the traditional education system to one where teachers enjoy teaching, and students enjoy learning. 150 technological and pedagogical visionaries undertook a mission to create technology that would revolutionize education and lead us into the digital era...

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As a company, we live and breathe digital education, that's why we know and understand educational publishers, teachers and students...

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Partnering With

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We wish to create strategic, long-term partnerships with leading educational content publishers.

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Studies show you can achieve higher academic results, more engaged students and more satisfied teachers.

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