5 Tips to Get Instructors to Fall in Love With Ed-Tech

5 Tips to Get Instructors to Fall in Love With Ed-Tech

August 28, 2017 | By: Tess Orlev, Content Manager, Time To Know

It’s important to remember that technology can never replace a real life instructor. In fact, no one is more vital to the success of an Ed-Tech program. To ensure instructors are on board for the digital classroom transition follow these tips so they not only use Ed-Tech but fall in love with it as a new way to connect with their learners!


1. Listen to their concerns


Sometimes the new or unknown can be frightening. Many instructors may feel as though a computer is taking their place. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Educational technology is meant to enhance the programs of the instructor and it simply cannot replace them. The support, creativity and pedagogical expertise of the instructor is essential to the success of any learning environment, whether digital or traditional.


2. Choose a simple solution


It’s important to select an Ed-Tech tool which is user friendly for everyone involved, especially the instructor. When Ed-Tech is simple and easy to use, it provides for a more effective and efficient experience.


If you’re making the transition to digital, we can help. Check out the custom Ed-Tech solutions offered by Time To Know.


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3. Be flexible


A good Ed-Tech solution should be flexible, providing adaptability for all types of instructors. A one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work for every instructor and every classroom.



4. Provide adequate training


Even for the most user-friendly Ed-Tech solutions, teachers need to receive training. Make sure that all teachers receive adequate training before the Ed-Tech is implemented. With better training, teachers can make full use of all the available features and benefits. They will feel more empowered, and the classroom results will be optimized.

Online instructor working on his lessons.

5. Give them the facts


When faced with the facts, the choice to get on board with digital, blended learning is a no-brainer. It’s a step out of many teachers’ comfort zones, but it’s a step in the best direction. According to independent third party analysis of classrooms which use Time To Know’s Ed-Tech solutions, students in Time To Know classrooms scored higher and felt more motivated. There were also significantly less disciplinary issues than from the control group. In addition, the vast majority of teachers who used the technology supported continuing the Time To Know program.

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