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How to send a "signal" to your future employer with e-learning?

September 11, 2016 | By: Dovi Weiss, Ph.D. and Yair Adibi, M.Sc

What pushes us to go to the best schools/universities? What is the consequence of the majority of a population acquiring higher education? If everyone will have a Bachelor's degree -or good grades- how will we be able to differentiate between the average and the above average prospective worker? Is all this schooling counterproductive since most students have greater difficulty to stand out from the rest?


9 idéias que eliminarão a evasão dos cursos de EaD

September 05, 2016 | By: Helio Diamant

A Educação à Distância (EaD) é uma grande promessa que pode fornecer o acesso à educação para milhões de pessoas. No entanto, algo não está funcionando na Educação a Distância. Podemos ver a taxa de evasão nos MOOCs (Cursos Abertos Massivos Online), o que leva algumas pessoas a dizer que "os MOOCs estão mortos".


9 Ways to Reduce Distance Learning Dropout Rates

September 04, 2016 | By: Helio Diamant

Distance Learning (DL) is a huge promise that can provide access to education for millions of people. However, something is not working in Distance Learning. We can see the drop-out rate in MOOCs (Massive Online Open Course), which leads some people to say that "MOOCs are Dead".


The New Era of Customized Textbooks

June 27, 2016 | By: Dr. Dovi Weiss, Ph.D.

For as long as humans could write, textbooks have also been present. Textbooks were used in ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, China, India and other early societies.


Are You Benefiting From Classroom GPS?

June 20, 2016 | By: Dr. Dovi Weiss, Ph.D.

Would you get on airplane if the pilot didn't have a dashboard showing the flight path in real time? Without a dashboard, the flight might end up in France, even if the final destination was supposed to be Spain. In a classroom, the teacher is the pilot.


The Power of Personalized, Smart Content

April 17, 2016 | By: Dr. Dovi Weiss, Ph.D. and Yair Adibi, M.Sc.

Recently, the RAND Corporation published a report by the name "Promising Evidence on Personalized Learning." This report was funded by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has engaged RAND to carry out an ongoing study of foundation-funded schools that are employing promising approaches to personalized learning.

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