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Create™  – create, enrich and curate engaging content

Create™ enables you to generate engaging and interactive digital content. With a simple user interface, utilize a wide variety of content enrichment tools, and seamlessly distribute through various digital channels. Shorten your time to market and reduce your effort with this robust authoring solution.

Born Digital: create your own new digital content

<strong>Born Digital:</strong> create your own new digital content

Develop new content—specifically for digital—with Create™. This advanced authoring environment enables the simple production of digital content and programs. Content creators enjoy the utmost flexibility, and can slice-and-dice to generate new offerings;  instructors are empowered with ability  to customize their own lessons.  Integrated with robust real-time data analytics.


BookAlive™: import and enrich your existing content

<strong>BookAlive™:</strong> import and enrich your existing content

Bring your preexisting flat content to life with BookAlive™. Easily add digital layers of enrichment and interaction, and then play the content instantly. BookAlive™ is compatible with print as well as digital content in all forms (PDF, ePub3 , and others). Make your content truly distinct and enhanced using pedagogical interactions, like games, videos, quizzes, puzzles, and more.


Endless Features. Endless Possibilities.

  • Quick and easy to use, create professional digital content with faster turnaround
  • Compatible with any file format (ePUB3, SCORM, HTML5 and more)
  • Endless digital interactions, like games, videos, sound files, quizzes, puzzles, multiple choice questions, and more
  • Mix and match content to create new offerings
  • Save and store all content in a unified repository
  • Instant publishing, with seamless distribution to various channels, on-line and off.
  • Powerful analytics of real-time end-user data
  • Responsive design , optimized for PC, tablet and mobile




"Our aim was to create a one-stop-shop for next generation, interactive learning materials. With that in mind, Create™ enables publishers, or any content creators, to produce born-digital content, or transform their flat legacy content into valuable digital assets."

Oded Bar-Levy
Vice President R&D
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