Digital Dreams Can Come True

November 25, 2014 | By: Yotam Kramer

Everything points to educational technology as a winner. Time To Know’s own documented experience shows that putting digital content in the classroom improves K12 student attitudes and results in better grades.

Educators agree with this point of view about e-learning. A recent survey shows that a vast majority of teachers and administrators believe that digital education is a vital part of the modern education process. Moreover, educators want to see more K12 educational technology being implemented.


Then there is the reality. The same survey shows the woeful state of learning platforms and digital education in terms of usage statistics. The most used educational technologies are tools for reference and information – about 1/3rd of teachers employ them. Digital content – which is really the optimal form of classroom e-learning – is used by fewer than two teachers out of every ten.
The usual suspects – budgets, infrastructure, and schedules – are to blame for the lack of educational technology projects being implemented. Even though the advantages of digital content can be realized within months or even weeks after initiation, many school systems do not seem to understand the very positive cost-benefit ratio that e-learning brings.
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Fortunately, a solution exists, even for schools that are reluctant to devote a large chunk of financing to a digital education system. Time To Know has specifically developed methods of generating content and installing infrastructure in ways that accommodate practically any class layout, which is a huge factor in determining the level of investment in a learning platform. Schools can choose to implement an e-learning program in which there is only one device per class, and years later, expand to a 1:1 device ratio, all while using Time To Know’s educational technology. With Time To Know, educators can actually fulfill their wishes for digital classrooms.

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