Digital Learning is like a Safe — only the Right Combination Works

Digital Learning is like a Safe — only the Right Combination Works

November 24, 2016 | By: Dr. Dovi Weiss

Recently, the leading global scientific publisher, Springer, published the Handbook on Digital Learning for K-12 Schools. This handbook describes the adoption, design, development, and expectation of future digital teaching-and-learning projects and programs in K12 schools around the world.

I had the honor of writing a chapter in this handbook about the effect of combining 1:1 computing, interactive core curriculum, and a digital teaching platform for acquiring math skills in one of New York’s charter school during the 2011 school year.

The digital teaching platform (Teach), developed by Time To Know (T2K), is a platform that enables the teacher to plan an online lesson, conduct a teaching session, and receives formative and summative assessment reports for data-driven instruction, including real time progress and performance results for each student.

A collaborative case study examined the impact of the T2K program for teaching-and-learning practices and student achievement in math skills among fourth and fifth graders. Results show that teachers using the Time To Know program demonstrated significant growth in their effectiveness in differentiated teaching. Analysis of student learning achievement in math, as measured by the New York State (NYS) standardized test, indicated a significant increase in the percentage of students who met the NYS proficiency level.

So it is all about the right combination. Only the right content with the right digital teaching platform can work successfully for a positive educational effect.


Here is the link to the handbook homepage, where you can view the table of contents:






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