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Time To Know English™ is a comprehensive digital literacy curriculum for teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language, and offers smart, engaging and interactive content that is tailored to each student's needs. With this unique solution, learners build a strong foundation of all essential English language and communication skills.

Time To Know English™ makes learning English enjoyable and effective by using smart, engaging, interactive content that is tailored to each individual student. Reading and thematic units are each organized around an interesting topic relevant to the child’s world. This ensures that students develop the essential language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, to build a strong foundation of English language and communication competence.

The pedagogical approach of Time To Know English™ is based on the principle that learning occurs when students are engaged in experiential activities that encourage them to construct meaning and gain new understandings. This student-centered approach is combined with robust teaching tools to leverage personalized and adaptive learning, while the teacher monitors the progress of each student in real-time, and receives detailed reports to support data-driven teaching. With Time To Know English™, give children and students English language skills as an asset for life.

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Our features and benefits:

  • Personalized and interactive learning paths for each student
  • Powerful real-time data analytics for data-driven teaching and learning
  • Real-time alerts when students reach minimum or maximum performance thresholds
  • Ongoing assessments and reporting (beyond just tests and quizzes)
  • Teachers can manage and control all devices, draw student attention with "Eyes To Teacher"
  • Teachers can customize the lesson flow
  • Responsive design, optimized for PC, tablet and mobile (and all operating systems)
  • Communicative approach: reading, writing, speaking, listening, vocabulary and grammar
  • Blended learning environment includes whole class discussions, individual practice, work in pairs or small groups, and off-computer activities
  • Suits any class instructional environment–whether each student has their own device, or just one for the class
  • Combines language skill development with 21st Century skills
  • Pedagogically backed platform with proven results based on independent research
  • Aligned with Common European Framework Reference (CEFR)


The Time To Know English™ solution received QED Designation for Quality, Excellence and Design in the 2015 Digital Book Award competition, and was a 2015 finalist for the American Association of Publishers (AAP) Revere Awards.

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Norma_Chosen P1070960“We combine our knowledge of how students learn language and our understanding of the qualities of effective teachers, with a unique teaching platform to increase student engagement and achievement and improve teacher efficacy."

Norma Levkowitz
English Solution Product Specialist
Time To Know


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