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Time To Know Launches BookAlive—A Game-Changing Tool for Enrichment and Instant Distribution of Existing Digital Assets

Boost the value of content in which organizations have already invested their time, money, and knowledge.


New York, NY – March 28, 2016Time To Know, a pioneer in the Ed-Tech field, has launched an easy and simple tool for optimizing existing text files—empowering institutions to maximize use of their existing knowledge and materials, to create engaging and effective training and learning processes.


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The company's robust authoring tool, CreateTM, enables the easy creation of engaging "born digital" content from scratch, shortening both production time and effort. Now, with the arrival of BookAliveTM, content creators are empowered like never before and can simply reutilize and transform existing content with interactive digital layers. BookAliveTM supports a full set of features, such as search and highlight, video, sound, external links, e-widgets, questions, quizzes, and other pedagogical layers.


“Time To Know is continuously moving forward to introduce new and advanced solutions for the Ed-Tech market,” said Yair Brosh, CEO of Time To Know. “BookAliveTM addresses the market’s evolving needs, enabling organizations and content creators to be more effective and gain the most value from their digital assets.”


About Time To Know

Time To Know, founded in 2005, is a leader and pioneer in the Ed-Tech industry. The company's stack of end-to-end solutions have been successfully implemented across the globe. Their smart Ed-Tech solutions are powered by technological expertise and years of pedagogical know-how in e-learning processes. The company's approach of data-driven learning—via real time analytics and reports—provides for 360 degree feedback and insights to educators, learners and institutions.


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