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What are Educause's Top 10 IT issues and Technologies of 2016?

Educause, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting information technology literacy for higher education, has released its top 10 information technology issues in their 2016 report.

1) Information security

2) Optimizing educational technology

3) Student success technologies

4) IT workforce hiring and retention

5) Institutional data management

6) IT funding models

7) Business intelligence and analytics

8) Enterprise application integrations

9) IT organizational development

10) E­-learning and online education


Educause offers three takeaways from the list: divest, reinvest and differentiate. As stated in the report, "Higher-ed IT organizations are divesting themselves of technologies that can be sources elsewhere and of practices that have become inefficient and are reinvesting to develop the necessary capabilities and resources to use informational technology to achieve competitive institutional differentiation in student success, affordability and teaching and research excellence."


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