Our Schools

Time To Know has formed partnerships with over 30 schools in the United States and continues to expand its reach.  Below are the schools in New York and Texas where you can see Time To Know is active.


To use Time To Know Digital Teaching Platform (DTP) application from home: 

1. Run the System Compatibility Test for Teacher or Student.

2. Wait three minutes to get the test results. Don’t close the browser during this time.

3. If your computer is missing software (such as Flash, Adobe Reader, etc cetera.), click the Install Missing Required Software icon

4. Find your school from the list of schools provided and click the link.

5. Login to DTP application.

If there are issues preventing you from logging into the application, please contact us for assistance between 3 PM to 8 PM EST. Call us at 1-855-315-6417, then click 1 for Technical Support and then 1 again.  




New York Public Schools

M.S. 223 The Laboratory School

Bronx, NY

PS 069 The New Vision School

Bronx, NY

PS 087 Bronx

Bronx, NY

PS 100 Isaac Clason

Bronx, NY

PS 020 Clinton Hill

Brooklyn, NY

PS 025 Eubie Blake School

Brooklyn, NY

PS 316 Elijah Stroud

Brooklyn, NY

PS 327 Dr. Rose B. English

Brooklyn, NY

Amisted Dual Language School 311


Manhattan, NY

PS 130 Hernando De Soto

Manhattan, NY

PS 087 Middle Village

Queens, NY

PS 143 Louis Armstrong

Queens, NY

PS 016 John J. Driscoll

Staten Island, NY

New York Nonpublic and Charter

Hellenic Classical Charter School

Brooklyn, NY

Holy Family Bronx, NY
St. Mary Bronx, NY
Guardian Angel Manhattan, NY
Our Lady of Grace School NY


SHABACH Christian Academy


Landover, MD

Texas Public

Davis Intermediate School

Wylie, TX

Whitt Elementary School

Grand Prairie, TX

Johnson Elementary

Grand Prairie, TX

Daniels Elementary Grand Prairie, TX
Dickinson Elementary Grand Prairie, TX
Garcia Elementary Grand Prairie, TX
Milam Elementary Grand Prairie, TX
Austin Elementary Grand Prairie, TX
Eisenhower Elementary Grand Prairie, TX
Glen Rose Intermediate School Glan Rose, TX


Hillside Elementary

Storey County, NV

Gallagher Elementary Storey County, NV