Expert Solutions for Your Full Teaching & Learning Process

<strong>Expert Solutions</strong> for Your Full Teaching & Learning Process

Time To Know is the perfect partner for improving results and achievements in K-12 settings. With years of experience and proven results, we provide innovative Ed-Tech solutions that enable schools and districts to empower student and teachers, and to own their content. We provide reports and analytics that improve the learning process, resulting in higher achievements, better attendance, and reduced disciplinary issues.


Increase Student Achievement

Gain better student outcomes, faster, with smart digital learning platforms. Student achievement and engagement are boosted via personalized learning paths and interactive learning models. Time To Know solutions are easy to use, fun, and engaging. Empower your learners with wide range of pedagogical interactions, scaffolding tools , and formative assessments— making the learning process engaging, friendly, and effective.

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360° Autonomy & Ownership of Your Content

Free yourself of dependency on 3rd party content providers. Create your learning content in-house, and have full control of production and ownership. Produce engaging, enriched, gamified and interactive digital content, whether new or from pre-existing materials. Lighting fast production time and simple editing process, so your content is always up to date. Maintain and safeguard your digital content in a unified repository, with easy access to previous editions and versions.


Data Driven Teaching: Improved Outcomes for Your Schools

Our data driven teaching solutions are proven to drive better results and outcomes.  Receive real time customized analytics and reports for your learners, instructors, schools, and district. With actionable analytics, you will benefit from enhanced teaching, learning, and administration. We demonstrated proven results based on objective third-party studies, showing unique added value and improvement in the following parameters:

    • Enhanced learning outcomes
    • More motivated students
    • Reduced disciplinary issues and absences
    • More satisfied teachers, and enhanced instruction
    • Enhanced social and community collaboration

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