Expert Solutions for Your Full Teaching & Learning Process

<strong>Expert Solutions</strong> for Your Full Teaching & Learning Process

Time To Know offers platforms for digital lesson creation and delivery with  classroom monitoring solutions for any learning environment.  Teachers can enhance their lessons with robust rich media plugins,  additional  assessment questions,  and supplementary learning objects, all aligned to standards. Time To Know lesson delivery and monitoring capabilities on all devices- PCs, tablets or other mobile devices allows for immediate feedback and learning facilitation.  This connected digital environment enables a highly effective teaching and learning experience resulting in improved learning, higher assessment scores,  and increased school participation.

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Increase Student Achievement

When students use digitally relevant lessons on the Time To Know digital teaching platform,  amazing results occur.  Student achievement and engagement are boosted via personalized learning paths and interactive learning events. The resulting student experience is easy to use, fun, and engaging. Empower your learners with a wide range of pedagogical interactions, scaffolding tools , and formative assessments— making the learning process engaging, friendly, and effective.

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360° Autonomy & Ownership of Your Content

Time To Know offers tools so that any teacher can create and enhance their own lessons.  Produce engaging, enriched, gamified and interactive digital content, whether new or from pre-existing materials. Create content by simply enhancing a “flat” PDF by adding rich media components.  Teachers can then share content from a central repository with easy access to previous editions or versions.


Data Driven Teaching: Improved Outcomes for Your Schools

Our data-driven teaching solutions are proven to drive better results and outcomes.  Real-time easy to view dashboard reports provide views of student activity and performance.  Teachers are able to see student progress in real time and understand whether an individualized learning adjustment needs to be delivered.  Reports showing summary items such as “time on task”,  “which question was missed the most”,  or “rate of completion” of the lesson helps an instructor understand the strengths and weaknesses of the lesson components.


Time To Know’s digital teaching platform  demonstrates proven results based on 3rd party studies which show huge increases in:

  • Enhanced Learning Outcomes
  • More motivated students
  • Reduced disciplinary issues and higher school attendance
  • More satisfied teachers
  • Enhanced social and community collaboration

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