Bridging the Social Gap Through Education

Digital educational technology can have a significant benefit for students with a low socioeconomic status. Time To Know’s learning platform was used to teach 49 socially disadvantaged Israeli fifth grade students in math, Hebrew, and English (as a foreign language). The study shows that the digital content and learning platform had a statistically significant benefit.

Evolving Pedagogy with 1:1 Computing and T2K's Digital Teaching Platform

Time To Know’s educational technology was put to the test during the 2010-2011 school year in four New York City public elementary schools. The learning platform was used in a pilot project for approximately 40 4th and 5th grade classrooms. Time To Know’s digital content involved the study of math and English language arts.

Intertwining Digital Content and a One-To-One Laptop Environment in Teaching and Learning: Lessons from the Time To Know Program

This study provides a comprehensive look at a constructivist one-to-one computing program’s effects on teaching and learning practices as well as student learning achievements. The study participants were 476 fourth and fifth grade students and their teachers from four elementary schools from a school district in the Dallas, Texas area.

The Effect of Time To Know Environment on Math and English Language Arts Learning Achievements

127 4th grade students from four Dallas-area elementary schools participated in an independent study of Time To Know’s digital educational technology. The study examined student performance in math and ELA after using digital content. Results of the study show a significant benefit from using Time To Know’s educational technology, which provides and individualized, problem-based instruction.

Student Motivation and Engagement in 1:1 Digital Learning with Time To Know

Student and teacher attitudes towards Time To Know’s learning platform were studied in 65 4th and 5th grade classes in Texas, New York City, and Israel. Surveys were used to measure student motivation and satisfaction with math studies when utilizing Time To Know’s educational technology and digital content.

The Educational and Social Power of the Time To Know Digital Teaching Environment

The advantages of Time To Know’s educational technology, compared to traditional teaching methods, were studied in the learning platform’s application to math reasoning skills. 127 Grade Four students in four Dallas-area schools participated in a year-long digital education assessment conducted through a third party research firm.


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