Time To Know Included in “Classroom in a Box” by Mcgraw-Hill Education and Samsung

July 27, 2015 | By: Maya Tal

Time To Know is proud to announce that Thrive, powered by our technology, has been included in the Classroom in a Box initiative led by Samsung and McGraw-Hill Education.

The initiative presented at 2015 ISTE Conference will help schools accelerate digital conversion by teaming to provide devices and personalized technology.


Classroom in a Box is designed to provide teachers with everything they need to jump start digital learning in their schools. This will include professional development, deployment services, and classroom management tools.

Thrive, powered by Time To Know, is a market-leading digital solution which has been proven in multiple studies to increase student achievement and satisfaction. Thrive helps teachers become more effective in 1:1 classrooms by utilizing real-time classroom monitoring tools and data-driven teaching tools based on differentiated curriculum resources. At the Whitt School in Texas, 89 percent of students who used Thrive passed the math achievement mark on STAAR 2012, compared with 69 percent of students who did not use Thrive.

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