White Papers

A Pedagogical Symphony for Technology in the Classroom

How can we orchestrate pedagogy and technology to work together in harmony?

After three decades of failed attempts, we have a new opportunity.

The Educational Impact of the Time To Know Platform

A team of US researchers evaluates the quantitative study of 4th and 5th grade students conducted in Tel Aviv schools by the Henrietta Szold Institute, The National Institute for Research in the Behavioral Sciences at Jerusalem.

Pedagogical Fit: An Analysis of the Design of Time To Know

This research paper reviews the Time To Know social constructivist design principles in light of contemporary pedagogical best practices as defined by sources such as the Texas and the Massachusetts Departments of Education.

Digital Teaching Platforms: A Research Review

A distinguished research team examines the new product category of digital teaching platforms, of which Time To Know is the first complete example, designed to function as the primary instructional environment in today’s technology-rich classrooms.

The Design of the English Language Arts Curriculum of Time To Know

This white paper introduces a new dimension to language arts teaching and learning, illustrating the positive impact of advanced educational technology on teachers' pedagogic skills, teacher empowerment and student performance.

The Time To Know Professional Learning Program

This paper discusses the Time To Know professional development strategies, which are designed to help teachers adapt Time To Know classroom management techniques to their individual teaching needs.