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Texas school embraces technology, puts Time To Know in all fifth grade classrooms

After four weeks of piloting Time To Know for its summer learning “jump start,” teachers, students and the principal at Davis Intermediate School in Wylie, Texas, were hooked.

“I’d been looking for an online program that increases interaction with the teachers,” said Barbara Rudolph, Davis Intermediate School principal in Wylie. “Piloting Time To Know this summer was part of moving away from a remedial summer school concept to a proactive approach. We included struggling learners and gifted and talented students to take advantage of Time To Know’s built-in differentiated learning levels.”
Rudolph first learned of the pilot opportunity in late spring, and she jumped at the chance. She chose two teachers who she knew would embrace new technology, and they sent home notes to the parents of students they thought would benefit from some extra instruction and practice during the summer. They also made the opportunity available to several advanced students interested in trying out the interactive math and language arts activities.
Students went to school three mornings a week for four weeks and spent additional time working through lessons on their home computers. Lessons involved using fractions and researching and writing about hurricanes in Galveston, Texas.
After completing the program, students took math and language arts post-tests. Their scores jumped by as much as 25 percent.Hanna'S Story Teachers attributed the increase to the program’s ability to engage students with interactive activities that make learning fun.
“This program builds their self-esteem, which is a significant aspect of a successful learning experience,” said math teacher Ann Darby. “Time To Know allows me to mix and match lesson activities so I can insert my tried-and-true activities into the program while taking advantage of all of the resources within the Time To Know platform.” 
Based on the phenomenal success of the pilot, Wylie installed Time To Know into all 16 fifth grade classrooms this fall. Teachers also plan to use the program on an individual basis for sixth graders who have fallen behind. The school purchased enough laptops for individual student use and has also had good success with allowing students to bring their own computers from home.
“Time To Know fits the bill for the type of interactive program we were looking for. We couldn’t be more pleased with the summer pilot and are looking forward to seeing the results after a full school year,” Rudolph said.