Learn in the Flow of Working

With everything changing fast, today’s workers must learn fast…all the time. Continuous skills development is crucial for business success. Learner’s time is limited, so adaptive learning is super important. That means micro-learning “on the go” with short, engaging, impactful segments accessed in micro-moments – on the train, on the bus, or during breaks – without interrupting daily workflow. The agile Time To Know platform transforms the way you deliver knowledge. Our personalized, attractive, mobile interface includes real-time recommendations and the critical ability to measure learner performance.

Time To Know for Businesses

Product Benefits


Transfer knowledge in bite-sized chunks, to ensure high engagement and efficient easy comprehension

Rapid Course Builder

Easily create, update, and distribute interactive content in minutes

Mobile-Ready; Learn On-The-Go

Accessible from any mobile device with full offline functionality - everyone can learn anywhere, anytime

Internal & External Training

Ability to develop programs for corporate use:
internal team training, skill acquisition, on-boarding and more; or external — your customers

Communication & Collaboration

Real-time updates and actionable insights, ensuring knowledge is received and understood

Adaptive Learning

Seamlessly combine online training with in-class interactive learning

Blended Learning

Deliver a personalized learning experience; each person only learns what’s needed

Interactive Content

Add interactions to existing content, including image, PPT, PDF, Excel, Word and video files, and monitors the learning process in real time. Real-time discussions, debate etc.
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What Makes Us Different?

Insights and recommendations
Work offline
Easy content creation
Real-time instructions
polls and surveys
Virtual class
live session

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Customer Quote

After researching six different platforms, I concluded that Time To Know for Instructors provides me with the greatest technological flexibility and pedagogical freedom. Time To Know allows me to decrease in-class learning costs, reach distant audiences and shorten my clients' learning time."
Dr. Elad Segev | Lecturer, Researcher
and an Expert in Creativity Development

Our Customers

All-in-One Platform

  • Simple UIIntuitive, user-friendly interface for rapid course creation
  • EngagementCommunicate directions, notes and instructions as required in real-time. In addition, learners can communicate with each other
  • Live SessionsSetting up virtual classes with online sessions and interactive instruction
  • AssessmentEvaluation tools to measure and display learner progress, performance and success. Wide selection of report options available
  • SaasSecure access anywhere, anytime, with content in the cloud. Eliminate heavy data downloads
  • Internal/External LearningAbility to develop programs for corporate use: internal (team training, skill acquisition, onboarding etc.) or external (e. g. customers, product/service users etc.)
  • Polls & SurveysIncorporates polls and surveys for real-time results
  • Rapid Course BuilderCreate courses on the fly; easy, intuitive, variety of tasks and embedded media items (video, audio, images, text and more)
  • SCORM supportUpload SCORM files for use on the platform
  • Interactive ContentAdd interactions to any content, including image, PPT, PDF, Excel, Word audio and video files
  • CommunicationReal-time updates and actionable insights between instructor and leaner or between learners
  • PracticeCreate learner practice sessions in a variety of formats with instructor comments and feedback to participants
  • Blended LearningCombines online educational sessions with classroom methods; interaction, remote participants as well.
  • Advanced AnalyticsWide range of in-depth reports covering a full assortment of data, content, performance, engagement, administration, catalog control, and more
  • Collaboration1/1 chat between the learner to the instructor, social discussions in forums and more
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