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Build Smart Corporate Training Using People Analytics

We often focus all our energies on delivering enhanced customer experiences. But what about employee experiences? It’s an important factor …

By Andrew Zola
October 15, 2018
Time To Know Reveals iEcho – a Unique Self-Service Learning Platform for Instructors

We at Time To Know are excited to announce the launch of our newest platform-iEcho, which provides a …

By Alon Even
July 5, 2018
Microlearning: Small Learning Units with Big Impact on Your Organization

Microlearning deals with relatively small learning units and short-term learning activities. Generally, the term “microlearning” refers to micro-perspectives in the …

By Dr. Dovi Weiss
April 11, 2018
T2K Enhances its Echo Training Solution with Adaptive Learning

We’re excited to release our new capabilities to enable you to tailor your training experiences by evaluating your employees’ performance, …

By Time To Know Team
April 8, 2018
When Virtual Reality Becomes a Reality in Corporate Training

It’s no surprise that organizations are looking for more efficient ways to train and retrain their employees. With companies investing …

By Dr. Dovi Weiss
March 29, 2018
The Role of the Instructor in Blended Learning Solutions

The digital age has disrupted and transformed the way we work and the way we live our lives. The technology …

By Andrew Zola
March 28, 2018
Making A Big Impact: Top Corporate Training Innovations for 2018

As a corporate training manager today, you are faced with a challenging role. On one hand, you must take into …

By Dr. Dovi Weiss
February 26, 2018
Top 4 Questions You Should Ask Before Creating an Online Training Course

Preparation for an online training course begins long before it’s made available to your employees. It might also go through …

By Andrew Zola
February 7, 2018
Reskilling your Employees for a Future-Proof Workforce

A major challenge for enterprises across industries in 2018 will be effectively attracting top talent. At the same time, employers …

By Andrew Zola
January 30, 2018
Use this Humanizing Training Approach for Amazing Results and ROI

Learning experts are putting a lot of emphasis on the employee experience these days, but many managers and trainers are …

By Tess Orlev
January 28, 2018
Top 3 Corporate Training Trends to Try in 2018

As digitization accelerates change in enterprises across industries, business leaders are increasingly challenged to find new and innovative ways to …

By Andrew Zola
January 23, 2018
4 Valuable Ways Administrators can use Ed-Tech in 2018

Technology has become a way for administrators to not only share ideas with their instructors, but to create more interactive, …

By Stephan Maldonado
December 19, 2017
Social Emotional Learning: The Secret Sauce to Success in the Workplace

Lifelong learning has become a popular concept as more organizations recognize the benefits of promoting 21st century skills in …

By Dr. Dovi Weiss

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