Active Learining
Social Collaboration
Actionable Insights

Next-Gen Digital Learning Solution

Our vision is to inspire millions of people all over the world to fulfill their personal potential through exciting learning solutions.



A new Ed-Tech star is born

We successfully entered the market and after extensive techno-pedagogical research, field testing and Research, development and distribution of product, we are positioned as a globally successful Ed-Tech solutions company with proven results backed by a third-party research institute.


We broaden our market reach

With an incredible pedagogical impact record we are motivated to grow and partner with smart digital distribution channels.


Tailor made international

We begin to create tailor offerings for Higher-Education, vocational and corporate markets and launch large scale projects with international programs.


Unique end-to-end functions

Our extensive platform and ability to offer end-to-end solutions creates more than just a tool, rather, an instructor and learner ecosystems that offers unique functions such as social, active learning environments and instructor alerts and reports based off learner user data.


T2K Echo is born

The launching of T2K Echo widens our digital learning solutions offerings. We focus on providing unique capabilities such as in-depth data analytics reports and BI tools, to help deliver effective learning and grow organizations.