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Time To Know is a leader and pioneer in the Ed-Tech industry with successful implementations across the globe. We provide an array of products for end-to-end solutions that meet you anywhere in your digital lifecycle.

We support all the essential components for effective learning processes from creating and enhancing digital content to distributing content to any learning environment. We bring added value with real-time management and monitoring capabilities supported by ongoing data analytics to provide insight for improving learning outcomes.


Our smart solutions are powered by years of technological expertise and pedagogical know-how in e-learning practices. Open-architecture products and a wide range of tools enable tailored solutions, for more efficient learning progressions. Our approach of data-driven learning—via real-time analytics and reports—provides for 360 degree feedback for instructors, learners, and organizations.


Effective learning requires engagement, personalization, and real-time data. Whether you are a corporate entity, a school, a district, or a content provider you share similar core challenges to deliver instruction in a manner that leverages learning outcomes.


Partner with Time To Know and go digital, your way.

A Seed is Planted

An Israeli philanthropist establishes an innovation lab with the sole purpose of harnessing technology to transform the traditional education system. His wish is to create a system where teachers enjoy teaching, and students enjoy learning. 150 experts are sought out and accept the mission.


Teach is Born

After extensive techno-pedagogical research, field testing and R&D development, the first digital teaching platform in the world is born — We call it "Teach."


Back to School

The solution is implemented in a select number of Israeli schools that wish to transform and modernize traditional education.


Roll Out Expanded

With huge improvement in pedagogical performance, roll out is extended to hundreds of schools & thousands of students.


Going Global

The international community hears about the success of Time To Know and activity is expanded into US schools.


Proven Results, Anywhere

Performance data from international sites is gathered and analyzed by a 3rd party research institute. Results are amazing: incredible pedagogical impact. Teachers are empowered. Students are engaged.


Further Expansion

More and more schools are using Time To Know solutions.


Educational Publishers Join The Success

Time To Know partners with leading educational publishers, offering a one-stop-shop for all of their techno-pedagogical needs. Time To Know "Create" is born, a publisher's dream tool.


Growing The Business

Signing more deals with leading educational publishers worldwide.


Helping Our Partners Monetize

Time To Know expands its offering to support smart digital distribution channels and business models. The full "publishers' suite" is born.


Broadening Market Reach

Time To Know creates tailored offerings for higher-ed, vocational and corporate markets, and launches large scale projects with international programs.


Next Generation Education Platform

Our wide range of solutions and our ability to meet organizations at every step of their digital evolution places Time To Know as a leader in the Ed-Tech industry. Offering tools for more efficient learning processes for publishers, primary and secondary schools, higher-ed, vocational and corporate.


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