Addressing the skill gap is a necessity in corporate training

T2K introduces an end-to-end digital training solution for corporations to comprehensively address their internal and external training needs and deliver effective digital learning in no time. 60% of employers say the gap between entry-level employees’ knowledge and employer needs is the primary barrier for hiring.


Becoming lifelong learners

Today’s workforce is not only training for one job, they are continually training as lifelong learners. Corporations need to be prepared to offer continual training so their employees can maintain relevant skills, even as technology quickly progresses and industries rapidly change.


Personalized Learning, next-gen learning methods

Now, training managers and human resource departments can stay on top of the learning process and support their employees with a digital solution that empowers the human connection, and helps their employees grow their skill set.


The Key Benefits We Bring

  • Deliver effective digital learning in no time, with less costs and shorter training cycles
  • Do-it-yourself interactive content creation to engage your employees and increase their comprehension
  • End-to-end digital training solution that includes one-to-one, group learning and online learning
  • Grow your employees’ skill set to improve the quality and value of your organization
  • Learn anywhere from any device and enable social collaboration and communication
  • Leverage the power of data analytics, actionable insights and BI tool to reach data-driven decisions and improve your ROT (Return on Training)

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