Boost up your training processes with a smarter, mobile, personalized learning platform

<strong>Boost up your training processes</strong> with a smarter, mobile, personalized learning platform

Introducing an end-to-end training solution for corporations; tailored specifically to your organization, whether enterprise or SMB. With Time To Know solutions, leverage your most valuable assets: your knowledge, and your people.

Be More Effective & Efficient – use one platform for all your training needs

<strong>Be More Effective & Efficient</strong> – use one platform for all your training needs

Use one unified platform to manage resources and budget, regulate certification processes, share knowledge across business units (including call and service centers), and provide customer support programs.  Reduce training expenses with better results, faster.

Manage employees and customer training

<strong>Manage employees</strong> and customer training

Efficiently address your internal and external training needs. Gain tools to configure your processes for organizational hierarchy, multi-entity environment, and customer requirements.


Personalized Learning –Next generation learning methods for corporate training

<strong>Personalized Learning</strong> –Next generation learning methods for corporate training

Time To Know has years of experience in data- driven learning and personalized learning paths. Monitor internal and external learning processes with powerful analytics and reports to maximize your training outcomes.



360° Autonomy of Corporate Content

Free yourself of dependency on 3rd party content providers. Create your training content in-house, and have full control of production and ownership. Produce engaging, enriched, gamified and interactive digital content, whether new or from pre-existing materials. Utilize lightning fast production time and a simple editing process, so that your content is always up to date. Maintain and safeguard your digital content in a unified repository, with easy access to previous editions and versions.



Next Generation Learning Tools

<strong>Next Generation</strong> Learning Tools

Time To Know offers next generation solutions for corporate education.

Leverage the power of data; analytics, BI, reports and feedback for maximum ongoing impact. Empower your people with access to learning and management tools on any device—anywhere anytime, and on any OS. Enable collaboration and communication with cutting edge social features.

  • Gamification
  • Infographic analytics
  • Collaboration with Knowledge Management


BYOND Methodology - training anywhere and anytime

Expand from traditional training settings to new modalities. Run engaging and monitored distance learning education programs anywhere, anytime. Experience no limitation of time or device – employees can learn in micro-moments on their own devices to complete required programs. Maximize your resources with mobile learning.

Partner for Success

<strong>Partner</strong> for Success

Time To Know is a leading technology company with vast experience in global implementations, and proven results. With end-to-end management solutions, ensure that employee and customer goals are aligned with corporate objectives in order to create a unified vision and mission across your organization.

Our solutions are simple to implement and intuitive for all users. Time To Know also offers tailor-made professional services and project management suited to your business needs, to guarantee success.

We offer smart solutions for all of your technology challenges:

  • Cloud or on-site installation
  • Flexible and modular
  • Dynamic API for seamless integration with other systems
  • Connectivity in remote locations
  • Fully customizable, localizable, and scalable

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