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Tired of employees not being up-to-date on your products and services?

Is the information given to your clients and distributors inaccurate or outdated?

Fed up with losing potential sales, and diminished customer and distributor satisfaction?

We have the solution for you. The ECHO platform puts the control back in your hands. It enables you to easily create and deliver updates and vital information, while seamlessly monitoring and ensuring knowledge alignment.

ECHO helps you gain control, align knowledge and improve business results in several ways:


Active Learning
Social Collaboration
Actionable Insights

Feedback and Analytics

  • Built-in questions engine

    making sure all materials were read and understood

  • Ongoing evaluation

    providing insights and recommendations for improvement

  • Business-oriented dashboard

    for various management levels

  • Smart alerts

    with remote feedback and interventions when required

  • 24/7 online & offline

    anywhere, anytime and on any device, including smartphones

Instant implementation

  • A cloud-based solution (SaaS)

    with hands-free automatic platform maintenance

  • Flexible content compatibility

    including presentations, texts, voice, images, video, 3D videos and VR files, in all common formats

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface

    for combining such files, adding questions and interactions, and distributing to all relevant teams


  • Modular design

    create and combine various Content Items (CIs)

  • Scalability

    register anywhere between dozens to thousands of users, based on your ongoing needs

  • Elastic hierarchy

    send content to predefined groups, and monitor it differently by predefined managerial levels and specific managers

Effective and engaging learning

  • Adaptive learning

    additional content and questions delivered to users based on their knowledge needs and their previous answers

  • Built-in micro-learning abilities

    allowing flexible opportunities for staying updated on-the-go

  • User-focused design

    making it easier to create and to read content items, as well as to control and monitor comprehension levels

  • Interaction layer

    adding interactivity at specific locations, including gamification, interactive videos, 3D videos and VR

Optional Modules

  • Virtual Classroom

    One-to-one or group video sessions:

    • Allows the tutor or instruction to intervene just-in-time when a learner or group of learners is struggling with a subject
    • Live video sessions provide much-needed human connection for enhanced learner comprehension and reduced drop-out rates
  • Content Service
    • On-demand content conversion and creation service
    • Professional content development guidance for best practices in digital and distance learning
    • Ready-made content and courses in various topics to match your organization’s needs

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