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Echo is a next-generation training platform that delivers training with easy content creation, engaging learning experience, and real-time recommendations. Echo is the perfect combination of blended learning methodology and cutting-edge training technology, enabling top organizations worldwide to deliver effective training, turn their training from average to excellent and reach better business results.


Active Learning
Social Collaboration
Actionable Insights

Easy Engaging Content Creation

Allows for diverse types of content importation and enrichment. Instantly and easily turn your flat content into a live, active and engaging learning experience.
  • External Content

    Take any existing third party content (SCORM, xAPI, HTML) and leverage it with Practice, for both mobile and desktop use.

  • Assessment

    Provides assignment capabilities for assessment of the learner. Supports the full cycle of grading, testing and assessment.

  • Practice

    Quizzes designed specifically with mobile, micro-learning in mind. Easy-to-use interface with engaging interactions.

  • eBook

    Easily enrich your existing PDFs with engaging interactions to create digital-ready content.

Actionable Insights

Learn from every click and get actionable insights about how your learners are progressing and performing. Gain comprehension reports for just-in-time intervention and decision making.
  • Alert notifications

    Receive real-time alerts on learner progress and performance. Find out where your learners are struggling and assist them to stay on track and ensure their success.

  • Reports

    Stay on top of the learning process by receiving a 360-degree view of data analytics. Get visual, specific item reports of learner and content interaction tracking.

Social Collaboration

Instructors can give personal attention to their learners, right when they really need help. Keep track and respond to every question with ease or check-in with learners that fall behind.
  • Discussions

    It’s never been easier for learners to communicate their needs, or learn from others, all while having the instructors full support. Learners can ask, follow, and review questions in the discussion tabs with other.

  • Messaging

    Instructors can send direct messages to a learner or a group of learners, according to the notifications. Instructors can also review and continue the conversation all in the messaging tab.

Optional Modules

  • Virtual Classroom

    One-to-one or group video sessions:

    • Allows the tutor or instruction to intervene just-in-time when a learner or group of learners is struggling with a subject
    • Live video sessions provide much-needed human connection for enhanced learner comprehension and reduced drop-out rates
  • Content Service
    • On-demand content conversion and creation service
    • Professional content development guidance for best practices in digital and distance learning
    • Ready-made content and courses in various topics to match your organization’s needs

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