Six Facts That You Need to Know About Ed-Tech

October 08, 2015 | By: Time To Know staff

There’s been a lot of buzz around “ed-tech”—and rightfully so. Ed-tech is a game changer both for education systems and publishers. At the upcoming Frankfurt Book Fair, ed-tech will be making a bigger showing than ever. Curious about what digital classroom technology has to offer? Check out the six biggest facts that you need to know about ed-tech:


Upgrading to the New Standard—The landscape of education is changing. Where textbooks used to be the standard, the new status quo involves technology. In fact, in the United States several regions are making ed-tech programs mandatory through legislation.

Utilizing Previous Content— Many people believe that moving to ed-tech means throwing out all of your previously existing content. This is far from the truth. In fact, ed-tech can be a flexible solution that incorporates legacy content, such as printed textbooks. The transition to the digital classroom can be as gradual or as quick as you like.

Helping Teachers—With the right ed-tech program, digital classroom can help teachers excel. In independent third party studies, it was shown that  the vast majority of teachers who participated in Time To Know classrooms supported continuing the program. Teachers felt more empowered and more satisfied with their classroom activities.

Teaching 21st Century Skills—The 21st century generation needs to learn 21st century skills. One of the most important new skills is digital literacy, and nothing teaches this like an ed-tech classroom.

Bridging Socio-Economic Gaps—Digital literacy can be difficult to obtain for students from lower socio-economic positions. By bringing technology into the classroom, all students can have the same opportunities for digital literacy, learning and advancement.

Creating Better Students— When done right, education technology simply creates better students. According to research conducted on Time To Know classrooms, students scored higher, retained the knowledge in a deeper way and felt more motivated to learn. In addition, disciplinary issues plummeted.

If you’d like to learn more about the newest advances in ed-tech for publishers, check out Time To Know on our website or in person at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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