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Teach™ is a data-driven teaching solution that offers powerful real-time classroom management and analytics. Integrating monitoring and management capabilities, this pedagogically-proven solution is widely supported by all education stakeholders. Empower your teachers with real-time data, digital teaching tools, and the flexibility to customize learning content. With personalized tools, teachers have the freedom to tailor each lesson in a meaningful way to the needs of their students. Rearrange lesson content and add new lesson elements, such as Google Docs, PDFs, videos, sound files, and external links.

With Teach™, amplify student engagement via interactive and personalized learning paths; this results in deeper comprehension, greater satisfaction, and drastically reduced behavioral issues. Ongoing assessment offers 360 degree insight into student progress, so there's no need to wait for test time to evaluate performance. Generate a more powerful and effective learning experience for every student.

Is your classroom technology making a high impact?


Here's what Teach has to offer:

  • Powerful real-time data analytics (output for student, teacher, parent and administrator)
  • Ongoing assessments and reporting, not just at test time
  • Personalized learning paths for each student
  • Real-time alerts when students reach minimum or maximum performance thresholds
  • Teachers can manage and control all devices, draw student attention with "Eyes To Teacher"
  • Teachers can customize the lesson flow, and insert new digital lesson elements  (videos, external links, Google Docs and more)
  • Suits any class instructional environment–whether each student has their own device, or just one device for the class
  • Responsive design , optimized for PC, tablet and mobile
  • Pedagogically backed platform with results based on independent 3rd party research

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"As a company, we live and breathe digital education. We know teachers and understand students. A significant improvement in pedagogical results and behavioral changes in the classroom are proof that this solution can really make a difference."

Dr. Dovi Weiss
Chief Scientist
Time To Know



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