Teaching ELL’s for Tomorrow – Today! Part 2

November 19, 2014 | By: Norma Levkowitz

Combining smart technology with sound pedagogy is at the core of the Time To Know English solution. High quality content developed by experts is integrated into the Teach platform, to provide an interactive digital program for English language learners in elementary /primary school.  Utilizing rich multi-media assets and interactive components to engage students, the balanced literacy curriculum includes a phonics-based reading program and topic-centered theme units to offer comprehensive coverage of all language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The pedagogical foundation of Time To Know English is based on the following main principles:

  • Learning occurs when students are engaged in experiential activities that encourage them to construct meaning and gain new understanding.
  • A second language is acquired most successfully when students use language in context for communicative purposes.
  • The spiraling of vocabulary and skills reinforces learning and also allows for the teaching of increasingly higher levels of complexity.
  • Learning depends upon a positive, success-oriented experience.

Embedded in the design of the Time To Know English solution on the Teach platform, is a pedagogical approach characterized by teacher-led, student- centered, inquiry- based learning that meets the challenges of  next-generation teaching and learning. The learning platform supports the use of open-ended tools and widgets for student exploration, authentic performance-based tasks, and teacher-led discussion to enable students to construct meaning, understand concepts, and build essential communication skills for English language competence.


Time To Know


Central to the pedagogical approach of the Teach platform is the ability to provide the teacher with tools to adapt instruction to the needs of individual learners through differentiated and adaptive content, pacing, and learning style. Multiple scaffolding tools such as immediate feedback, hints, and narration assist students as they work independently on tasks, to provide the support necessary to lead to successful outcomes. The scaffolding tools, like the learning content, can be differentiated to accommodate diverse learning needs.

The teacher is empowered by technology to leverage classroom management tools to track student progress in real-time.  During the lesson, the teacher receives alerts about students who need extra attention and assistance.  Ample data from formative and summative reports and real-time monitoring tools enable the teacher to focus attention on individual students and facilitate data-driven instructional decisions.

The value of the Time To Know solution for English language teaching and learning is that it can support both individual learning, and promote communication and collaboration skills as students share and discuss their work in guided classroom discussions.  The multi-sensory, blended learning environment stimulates students to develop 21st century thinking skills as they learn essential language skills.

Time To Know English, on the next- generation Teach platform, improves teaching effectiveness and student performance, in a way that doesn’t rob our children of tomorrow, but rather gives them the skills to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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