Ten Insights to Two Recent Educational Technology Conferences

December 16, 2014 | By: Yotam Kramer

During the last couple of weeks, Time To Know was fortunate enough to participate in two prestigious educational technology events in Europe, the Education in the Digital Era Conference and ONLINE EDUCA.

IMG-20141216-WA0038The Education in the Digital Era Conference, organized by the European Commission and Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, gathered 300 high level decision-makers from across Europe. Tamir Roter, Chief Business Officer at Time To Know and Tallya Gabay, Head of Pedagogical Implementation, attended the conference and gave a live demonstration of Time To Know Teach, a digital teaching platform solution with real-time classroom management and reporting features.

So what did we learn? Here are our main insights:

  • Vast majority of European students (50 to 80%) don’t use any digital content as part of their formal public education
  • IMG-20141216-WA004022Main barriers for going digital are teacher skills and training, the quality level of available devices, and network issues
  • 89% of the key policymakers voted that member countries of the European Union need to finance free content for all core curriculum
  • The EC is financing the creation of Moocs (Massive Open Online Course) and OER (Open Educational Resources), as well as their distribution among teacher in member countries
  • The role of the traditional publisher is increasingly focused toward supplemental education
  • More budgets should be allocated for remote learning to support the disabled and to address the inequality of access to good teachers
  • Among the trends emphasized in the conference were Personalized Learning and Data-Driven Learning and Assessment

ONLINE EDUCA, the second conference that Time To Know participated in, had at least 2,000 learning professionals from more than 100 countries. Yotam Kramer, our Director of Marketing attended the event.

So what did we learn? Here are the top trends:

  • IMG_20141204_160140Open Education – Moocs (Massive Open Online Course), OER (Open Educational Resources), and Badges. These topics were mentioned frequently during the conference sessions and in the exhibitors area. They are indicative that education is becoming freer, more accessible and collaborative.
  • Video – Increasingly easy to produce, edit, and publish, videos have become a commodity for providing online solutions that can be shared face-to-face with a multitude of online learners.
  • Exam and Assessment Solutions – A large percentage of exhibitors displayed products for exam preparation and test-and-assessment authoring tools.
  • Peeragogy (Peer Pedagogy) – Peer-to-peer learning and teaching that addresses the challenge of teachers and learners working collaboratively to produce successful strategies for self-directed curriculum and pedagogical customization.
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