A new Education Technology startup is being introduced- Time To Know

Time To Know (T2K) is established with a vision to change the way student learn in the 21th century. Thinking about a future were every student will have a computer where we can harness technology to improve learning in K-12.


Pedagogy, Technology and Content meet the Market

After extensive techno-pedagogical research, content development and platform development, field testing and research, we successfully entered the market. Our award winning solution is installed in schools, allowing personalized learning experience. With Real time classroom management, as well as full offline support, with adoptive capabilities. We have cutting age Ed-Tech solutions with proven results backed by a third-party research institute.


We Broaden our Market Reach

T2K expends it reach in the USA & Europe, partnering with leading publishers. Creating new content in new areas, expending our install base. During 2013-2014 improved products are replacing the initial platform. Getting out of content creation business.


Expending into Higher Education and Vocational training

New offering are being developed, targeting drop out detection, social and collaboration and delivering data driven insights to Higher-Education, Vocational and Corporate markets.


A Brand-New Platform in the Making – Echo

A new platform is being developed, focusing on aligning vital knowledge across organizations, based on more than a decade of experience and expertise. A Next generation effective training and knowledge alignment platform, with a goal to impact business results through effective content creation, enrichment, delivery and control. A SaaS Platform, using cutting-edge technology, micro service architecture, supporting standard industry protocols, geared to support blended training, micro training, micro credentials. Echo enables an easy content creation (everyone can do it), and provides actionable insights, real-time recommendations and strong analytics and BI capabilities.


T2K is Entering a New Domain – Mass Market

iEcho is launched, an end-to-end self-service learning platform geared towards independent instructors and small businesses. T2K harnesses the power of Echo to allow instructors to effortlessly create a course catalog in  its marketplace, even if they are not a tech-savvy and sell courses directly to the end users through an online store. iEcho offers a freemium version for everyone who’d like to try it out.


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