What’s New in Time To Know Teach?

February 05, 2015 | By: Yotam Kramer

We are excited to share the latest release updates of Time To Know Teach.

Before we do that, if are you completely new to this revolutionary digital teaching platform, you are welcome to check out the following movie:

Feel free to contact us, if you need any further details.

So…What’s New?

  • Teachers now have immediate access to student passwords through the Password Report. When a student forgets his or her password, the teacher is able to provide it immediately, while in the active class session.
  • View Student Work – Adding more power to Time To Know Teach real-time capabilities, teachers can now view student progress and performance in the session, while the students are actually working.
  • Gallery Updates
    • Gallery look-and-feel
      • Student activities appear in alphabetical order.
      • Anonymous activities appear at the end and are also organized alphabetically by student name.
      • Gallery item date and time are displayed.
    • Navigate through the Gallery by lesson and sequence activity.
    • A Not Read icon appears on Gallery items that have not been opened.
    • Improved Deleting Gallery Items and Search mechanisms.


  • Reset Activities for Selected Students – When resetting lesson activities, the teacher can pick the students that this applies to.
  • Access to Guides and Tutorials – The Time To Know How? webpage provides a variety of guides and tutorials to use as learning resources.
  • Favicon – Administrators can further personalize Time To Know Teach by selecting their own favorite icon.

Click Here to download the complete Time To Know Teach What’s New Guide.

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